Company Mission

The ROBOT mission is centered on providing high risk adjusted returns to clients through systematic and mechanical trading methodologies. The secondary objective is to accompany the primary goal with low monthly standard deviation of returns relative to industry standards.

Robot Futures Trading Company

S&P Automated Programs

Multi-Strategy S&P Robot Futures
Multi-Strategy Vega Robot Futures
Multi-Strategy Delta Robot Futures


The MULTI-STRATEGY program is designed for traditional investors seeking portfolio allocation to the alternative space without the wide return variance and peak drawdown exposure typically seen in absolute return programs.

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Multi-Market VEGA (Coming January 1st)

More information will be added shortly on this new program.

Multi-Strategy Delta S & P

The DELTA program is a specialized intermediate to long term systematic trend following program which seeks profit from the inevitable directional movements in one of the most liquid equity markets in the world.

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Commodity Programs

Robot Capital Corp

Robot Capital Corp

Robot Capital Corp is a NFA registered commodity pool operator. Principal Robert Ogilvie is also principal of Robot Futures as a commodity trading advisor. We will have a new offering in the 1st quarter of 2019.


The CLIMALOGIX program utilizes a meteorologist as an advisor that provides real-time weather analysis and interpretation to establish the effects on consumer demand commodities such as agricultural (corn, wheat and soybeans), soft (sugar, coffee, and cocoa) and energies (natural gas, heating oil, gasoline and crude oil).

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